Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Reunited and It Feels So Hot?

As of July 17th, Maya and I hopped on a plane back to Puerto Vallarta after almost 7 long months of being away from hubby and beautiful Vallarta. We have been doing great! I live in a "suburb" of Puerto Vallarta called El Pitillal. Its a good sized town only 10-15 minutes from the Malecon in Vallarta. It's filled with the hustle and bustle of locals, and has plenty of shops, farmacies, and hole in the wall taco stands. I love it! Everything I need is always just around the corner!

It is absolutely amazing to be with hubby again after being away for so long. You really appreciate them more when your separated. He is such an amazing husband and father! He has been working while I was away, and was able to get several days off work to spend with Maya and myself while we broke back in to the Vallarta scene. Those days have sadly come and gone, and he is back to his 6 days a week, 10 hour shifts (including travel time to work). And even though I only get one full day of him to myself, and mornings, I am SO greatful to even have that!

Our Home

A view of our backyard

I live with my in-laws and my mother-in-law's parents. My home here reminds me of The Secret Garden. Just off of the street, a single white iron door takes you down a little hall and leads you to our home. You could separate the home into two sections. The first includes a living room, my grand-parent-in-law's room, a kitchen, bathroom, and dining room. There is no back wall. It automatically opens up to a backyard, which I believe is absolutely beautiful! From the first section of the home, there are stairs that lead up to a second level where there are two more rooms and a bathroom. The second section, where I live, is across from the "backyard". Here there is a little kitchen/dining area, a bathroom, our room, and my in-laws room next door. The downside? There's no hot water.. Which is actually fine because it is HOT. Also, our roof if made of tin/metal. Which means during the hottest points of the day, when the sun is on full blast, the metal roof is absorbing the sun's energy and pushing it into the rooms, heating it up just like you would an oven. *sigh* This completely cuts in my ability to have a comfortable nap during the afternoon. And because there are gaps where the roof/ceiling sets on top of the walls, an air conditioner is useless. All the cool air would escape. So we have a fan.. and a water air cooler I invested in. The afternoons are still a pain int he behind, but during the evenings when i have both running, I am elated!
Our metal roof/ceiling


I am 37.5 weeks pregnant, and most times feel like a beached whale..
Currently, I am as far along as I was when I went into labor with Maya. So it could be any day now. Of course all is up to baby, who doesn't have a name. We'll figure it out eventually.. I hope.. I have mentioned in the past that I am planning a homebirth. And even though I am in Mexico, that plan hasn't changed. I was able to find a midwife here in Vallarta, who speaks english, and will be having my homebirth. As long as everything goes right. So I will be sure to update about that when the baby decides to make her debut!

My kitty enjoying the back yard!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Missing in Action

Hello to everyone! Sorry I have been missing in action for so long. There is so much to talk about!

As you may know I began my husband's immigration paperwork at the end of December 2011. He had his first interview on March 15th, which he was denied a visa but approved to file the I-601 waiver. We already knew this would happen, and everything was on the line to hear that "approved to file waiver" bit. I was able to call and bug and bug every morning until I finally got a sooner waiver appointment date! For April 2nd 2012! I was able to get my husband's waiver to him via DHL and he made his way to Ciudad Juarez for the second time.

But alas this last Friday we finally heard from USCIS. My husband's case has been "referred". Meaning that I have to send in additional evidence, and we should hear something in 9-10 months :( But we can do this! ....It's a really good thing you can't see how much of a mess I actually am. Being Pregnant doesn't help.

I am unaware if I had mentioned that I am pregnant. Yes again. This was not planned. I became pregnant 4 months after the twin ectopic pregnancy, so in December... 2 weeks before I left to go back to the US to continue working. Go figure. I am very happy to bring this baby into the world, though the timing isn't the greatest. Though I guess when is it ever?

So I am currently 24 weeks pregnant, due September 1st. I was hoping to have my hubby before the baby decided to make its debut, but that's not happening, and I can't stay pregnant forever. So for now I am at a loss of what I should do. I have been working, and will continue to do so to save up much needed money. Because I got the position I was working before we had first left for Puerto Vallarta, I qualify for my maternity leave. So it looks like I may be having the baby in the US, and spending my maternity leave in Mexico with the hubby. But again, I'm not sure if this is the set plan because things change and my pregnancy hormones are very unbalanced. A part of me is currently debating birth in Puerto Vallarta. We will see. and I will let you know as time gets closer and my hormones start freaking out more...